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ICANSMS stands with innovative technologies and bulksms reseller Most of the Resellers in India rely on us for our unique support and features, we have been offering till date. And everyday we are improvising and enhancing the important features where any Reseller can look into. Please go through the following important features of our SMS Reseller Panel. If you have any doubts, please write into us at :[email protected]

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The Mobile Marketing industry has grown rapidly over the last 7 years and this trend is set to continue as the mobile phone continues to play such a huge part in peoples live. The technology associated with the mobile is also continually advancing, with huge scope for further progress & expansion. BULK SMS Resellers currently work with businesses & organisations of various sizes and industry sectors. Our core client sectors includes Insurance companies, Banks, Universities, Charities, Theatres, Pubs, Restaurants, Garages, Sports clubs, Recruitment, Marketing agencies, Web developers and IT companies.

Community Opt-In SMS Services can be used by any community or company or individual to send out important updates and this sms route will be treated as Transactional SMS Route Gateway.
  • No setup costs
  • Full sales and marketing support
  • Work full time or part time
  • 100% risk free trial for the customer
  • Massive market of SMEs, clubs, charities, groups, churches, organisations and much more
  • Simple and Easy to use for the customer
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